Tanusree Shankar



The Child

Narration/Recitation: Victor Banerjee

Concept & Choreography: Tanusree Shankar

Music composed & orchestrated by: Debajyoti Mishra

Lights Designed by: Dinesh Poddar

Man’s journey from the darkness of ignorance, hopelessness and desperation of life, to the light of knowledge and understanding, is difficult, full of turmoil, doubt and treachery. It is only fragile hope and faith that takes him along. Even that faith seems inadequate to the rigours of this journey. Yet this faith carries him through to enlightenment and the newness of life represented by the child, full of innocence, simplicity and potential.
‘The Child’ is Rabindranath Tagore’s only poem written originally in English. Tanusree Shankar’s interpretation depicts a flowing, rhythmic, spiritual journey of Man through the ages, from the bondage of ignorance, ultimately to the freedom of enlightenment and self realization. At the same time, it may also be considered a celebration of the mother – the feminine principle in the universe.

Technical Requirements


40 nos. PAR 64 (16 nos. CP-61 and 24 nos. CP-62)
12 nos. 3wt LED Par with butter paper
08 nos. Palco
04 nos. P C (T Spot) 1 KW
14 nos. Profile ETC Source four (36/26o) with 06 nos. Gobo holder
02 nos. Haze (Smoke factory/DF 50)
12 nos. Pin Point (Par 36)
04 nos. Dotted laser (Fixed, not rotating)
12 nos. Stands
12 nos. Base stands
08 nos. Power packs (4 kW each channel)
01 no. Avolites Pear 2004/2008
01 no. UPS
01 no. 1200 watt moving head
Sufficient G/C Clamps, wire cables to hang the lights Main line, main switch and all necessary cables
Colour Gels: L 134, L 161, L 35, L 363, L 26. R 52
Sufficient techniciansbr


Main PA according to capacity of the hall/auditorium/Venue
02 nos. Monitor
02 nos. Cordless mikes
01 no. Duel CD player
01 no. Table lamp for announcer

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