Tanusree Shankar




Session begins in July every year.

Admission starts from December for the introductory class and April for the regular course. Those joining the introductory class are automatically inducted in the main course beginning July.

Training is provided in different age groups. Students are admitted without any audition. Training is for 3 years in each section. The SENIOR BEGINNERS’ course is for 4 years. The Prep Section is created for children introducing them into the wonderful world of DANCE.

Pre-Prep: 4+ to 6 years
Prep: 7 to 8 years

The Prep Section has no syllabus or examination. Here, the children are taught to respond to different music, rhythm through fun and games. As soon as the child reaches 9 years, she or he is automatically moved to the Junior section.

Junior : 9 to 12 years 3 year course
Transition : 13 to 15 years 3 year course
Senior : 16 years & above 4 year course
Advanced : 3 year course

Only those students who graduate with a minimum of B+grade in the Senior Section are eligible for the Advanced course.

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