Tanusree Shankar




Tanusree Shankar Dance Academy in Kolkata imparts training in the Uday Shankar Style of Dance following the path shown by the legendary genius, Uday Shankar. The main inspiration behind the Academy is globally acclaimed musician, Ananda Shankar. Tanusree Shankar and senior staff members of the institution teach the grammar of this unique ‘gharana.’ The style is Indian in origin and spirit, modern in presentation having universal appeal. It is innovative and deviates from the Classical and Traditional Dance forms of India. The discipline, dedication and sincerity required to master the New Dance are as demanding as in the case of Classical Dance forms

The Academy is much more than just a dance institution. It helps in the all – round development of artistes – artistes who are skilled performers, teachers and choreographers. TSDA grooms dancers to be professionals and provides them with opportunities to perform on stage in India and abroad.

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